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Our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On August 18th, our field dedication ceremony concluded with the cutting of the ribbon to officially open our renovated stadium.

Our Cheerleaders Rock!

Our cheerleaders bring energy and enthusiasm to Friday Night Lights, always supporting their Panthers!

Keep Our Town Clean

A design by 7th grader Avery McManama with a great message for all!

Volleyball Team Serves Up a W

Our volleyball team takes a nice win over the Tigers!

Go Panthers!

The Panthers take the field!

Our Band Rocks!

The Ludlow Panther Marching Band plays our Nation Anthem at a Friday night football game.

Cross Country

Training to run, not running to train

Red Carpet Fun!

We had a blast on the red carpet!

Leading the Way

Senior captains lead the way in football


We are indeed building tomorrow with our huge renovation project!  

Our Soccer Team Takes the Red Carpet

Our soccer team took the red carpet on August 8th, with their first win of the season, against Bellevue.

Ludlow Legends

Our August 18th Field Dedication Ceremony recognized many of our red carpet Ludlow Legends, including these two: Tom Staley and Glen Wise, pictured with Superintendent Mike Borchers.  Three former Varsity Football Coaches.

Our Ultimate Goal

We support all students to take their own path toward graduation.  Receiving their high school diploma is an achievement to be celebrated!

Our Red Carpet

The lights shine down on our red carpet at the August 18th game.

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